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Top Tips for your Accessories


1 :

Before you go off searching for that special hair accessory that will set everything off on your wedding day, you need to know what hairstyle you are going for.

There is no point if spending all  that time and effort searching for the ideal hair accessory, if it won't work with your hairstyle on the day. Will you be wearing your hair up, all down or half up and half down, remember too, that fine hair might not be able to hold a heavy hair accessory.


2 :

Look for accessories that are in line with the look of your dress and also your personal style. Your dress will set the style for your whole look so take it into account when looking for your accessories. A simple wedding dress with little or none embellishments allows you more choice when contemplating your accessories, where as the more detailed your dress is the more you need to consider the accessories also don't forget to take into account the colour of your dress.


3 :

Do I go for a Silver or Gold look? While Gold is becoming more popular lately, be careful should you go for the Gold look, that it is a quality pieces as many can look brassy, if not high quality gold pieces. Silver pieces on the other hand are much less likely to cause you difficulty.


4 :

I would also recommend, as most brides will never get the opportunity to wear something that they wore on their wedding day again, that you go for a piece that you could ware again, maybe not often but it's always nice to wear it again and remember your wedding day.


Most pieces will only see the light of day years in the future when one of your children takes it out and says "mammy look at me"


5 :

Ask for help, many times brides can be overwhelmed with choice and may need advice from time to time. the best person to ask for advice for your hair accessories would be an experienced bridal hairstylist.


Our Powder Room Girls hairstylists have many years of experience and between them  have done over 5000  happy brides and share information between themselves all the time, so there would be no one better to ask than your PRG hairstylist.


6 :

The most important piece I have kept till the end:


Don't feel pressurised into wearing a piece or style that you wouldn't normally wear. This is your wedding day and you should feel as comfortable as you possibly can, so do what you want. You are the bride so don't be worried about what anyone else says ( even your mother).      And finally, enjoy the whole experience as it will be over all too soon and remember don't sweat the small stuff as this is about you and your fiancé sharing this special day with friends and family.

We look forward to looking after your hair and makeup requirements and being part of your special day.


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Ireland’s Premier Freelance Hair and Makeup Artists